Welcome to Barbaroy!

A land of beauty, wonder, things to behold. Barbaroy is a war torn country of industry, knight courts, and dark secrets. Several major city states dot the landscape, connected by an advanced railroad systems, rivers, canals, and even a few towers for airships. This history of Barbaroy is long and sorted, and many forgotten places now litter the landscape: ancient ruins, abandoned mines, crumbling factories, strange castles, and bizarre remnants from an age long sense passed.

In a small urban city lies the dyeing business The Town Crier: a newspaper company struggling to compete with the major paper outlets. In a last ditched effort, the owner decides to put a new experimental team together. A team of investigative reporters. Their job is go out and hunt down the good stories, dig into the details people want to hear, and shed light on the countless dark secrets. This line of work isn’t easy, or safe. The last several attempts, the reporters wound up dead. This time is different…there’s a whole team.

The world is filled with criminals, giants, new age industry, lycanthropes, knighthoods, hag covens, secret societies, religious zealots, undead plague, vampires, and other monsters. What could possibly go wrong…


Gears, Gangs, Guns & Graves: Barbaroy Chronicles

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